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Rotating arm wrapper Tallwrapper 2201-AE

This is a robust automatic rotating-arm wrapper with a cutting and sealing unit. The film is thus automatically cut and sealed. It is easy to operate via its text display. The pallet is placed on the ground inside a pre-determined circle, and remains static at all times. The pallet wrapper features a “Powered” pre-stretch-unit. This makes it possible to stretch the film by up to 300% (1 metre becomes over 4 metres) with minimum neckdown (a response where the film becomes narrower when pulled). This makes it possible to reduce packaging costs by up to 40%.  

Suitable for:  

  • pallet height 2,350 mm,
  • pallet format 1,200 x 1,200 mm,
  • 30 pallets per hour (depending on project specifications),
  • 12 rpm,
  • power supply 230 Vac 50 Hz,
  • 10 user-specific operating programmes    


  • stainless steel or galvanised design,
  • various 'custom made' wrapping programmes,
  • pull-cord switch or remote control,
  • extended mast,
  • pallet height up to 3100 mm,
  • pallet format 1,500 x 1,500 mm,
  • various designs available upon request.