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Specials - Perforated film - VCI - Colour - UV

Tallstretch Specials  

Besides standard stretch films, Tallpack International's range also features various special films.

Tallstretch Perforated film

This perforated stretch film is ideal for products that still need to dry, cool off or degas after being packaged. Tallstretch perforated film is available for mechanical applications as well as manual use. Perforated film is available in various formats, with pre-stretch of up to 300%.

Tallstrech Stretch film with VCI  

Stretch film with VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) protects metal against corrosion. This film is thus extremely suitable for products that are stored for long periods or for products that are particularly susceptible to corrosion. Tallstretch stretch film with VCI is available in various widths and thickness.  

Tallstretch Colour film  

Tallstretch colour film protects loads against sunlight. The colour film also helps to prevent theft because products are no longer visible. Tallstretch colour film can also be printed with text or your company logo. The colour film is available in various widths and thickness.


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