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Stretch film

Tallpack International has a comprehensive range of stretch film and top-sheets. These stretch films have been specially developed for specific purposes. Film is available for manual wrapping, semi-automatic wrapping and automatic wrapping. Great savings can be made in time and packaging costs if film is carefully selected for specific purposes.

That is why Tallpack International will be pleased to inform you about the possibilities and maybe even give a demonstration in our showroom in Geldermalsen. If required, the Tallwrapper can also be delivered for a test period.

The Tallstretch film range features films suitable for all pallet wrappers, all purposes and all products. Tallstretch Mikro is a tailor-made film and is available in various widths and roll diameters. Tallpack International has a comprehensive range of synthetic straps in stock, for manual equipment as well as automatic strapping machines.


Tallstretch Industry Heavy Load stretch film
Tallstretch Industry Light Load stretch film
Tallstretch pre-stretched machine stretch film
Tallstretch Mikro hand rolls & Pre-stretched stretch film
Tallstretch Next Generation reinforced stretch film
Tallstretch Mikro - pre-cut stretch film
Tallstretch covering film - top-sheet film
Specials - Perforated film - VCI - Colour - UV