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Grip Fix® anti-slip product provides optimum pallet stabilization and protects the environment

The solution for maximum pallet stability is the use of Grip Fix® anti-slip agent. Grip Fix® anti-slip agent is a thickened liquid produced on a water basis and free from chemical solvents. The thickened liquid can not only be used on paper bags, polyethylene bags (PE) and polypropylene woven bags (PP), but also on boxes and trays.

BAG FIX ESP combi1






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Our Industrial Packaging solutions offer you the possibility to make your own choices with regard to your environmental footprint. With the use of our packaging materials "Tallstretch foil", "Tallstrap strapping band", "Grip Sheet" and "Bag Fix" you can accelerate your sustainability, without compromising on pallet stability.

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Modulair pallet-wrapping lines for providers of logistic services

Recently a logistics service provider in Fast Moving Consumer Products has opted for several options for the modular pallet winding line: extended column height, increased capacity of pallets per hour, increased web transport speed, slide under cut-seal unit in connection with various pallet widths and execution in corporate style colors.

We have supplied the modular pallet winding line customer with multiple logistic service providers through options, including additional transport tracks and a label printer. The modular pallet winding line is interesting for almost every autonomous packaging process.

The advantage of a modular line is that it can grow with the logistical wishes and capacity. Logistical processes are highly subject to change due to, for example, WMS systems, changes in the chain process and capacity planning. Our modular pallet winding lines can be expanded or adapted to new situations in the logistics process if desired.

The dense Tallpack network of modular pallet winding lines in the BeNeLux has the advantage that it is easy to plan to see this modular pallet winding line in practice.

  20200116 Foto modulaire pallet wikkellijn copy

FD Gazelle 2019

FD Gazellen 2019 1

Tallpack International is one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. We are FD Gazelle 2019!

՝This is fantastic news for Tallpack International. Twenty years ago we started from a childhood dream and consistently adhere to our quality standard, service performance and customer satisfaction. On the basis of these core values ​​and our transparent working method, we have been able to build up many good references in order to continue to bind existing and new relationships to us.’

Hubert H. Verheul, General Manager, Tallpack International


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