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Marco Mulder lets grown-up Tallgroup go

Marco Mulder L en Hubert Verheul R hrIn the last years Marco Mulder and Hubert Verheul have worked together to build up a strong business with strong brands. The Tallgroup was created in no time, and includes Tallpack Belgium, Tallpack Bulgaria and Tallconsult, who operate as successful subsidiaries alongside the strong Tallpack International. In times when the economy did not treat everyone well, Messrs Mulder and Verheul and a strong team made the company grow. 

It is now time for the next step. Marco Mulder (commercial director/DGA) is leaving the post of director in the Tallgroup. Hubert Verheul (technical director/DGA) will become the general director/DGA. Due to the strong position of the Tallgroup, a number of changes are possible. Tallpack International will grow as an organisation because of this; staff expansion and an even more complete delivery programme. Marco Mulder will have the opportunity to dedicate himself to another dream he has cherished alongside the Tallgroup: monumental estate.

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The economic crisis is wrapping up

Tallpack levert 11Tallpack International delivers 11 pallet wrappers at once.

2015 starts with the delivery of 11 Tallwrappers, including 9 pallet wrappers for one customer. These are beautiful signs for a year wherein our economy will recover even further. The packaging industry is a clear indicator of the economy. In this sector, it is first felt when the economy grows.
55% of the logistic companies want to expand their logistics enterprises, physically grow or move, according to research by Stec Group 'Logistics Revealed' (original title : ‘Logistiek in Beeld’). In addition to the transport, construction is responsible for 36% of the road transport in the Netherlands. Also in this branche a strong recovery is expected in 2015. ING Bank believes warehousing show the greatest turnover growth. Storage is structurally in a growth market.

Tallpack International on Macropak 2014

Loadsecuring, bagging, stretch hood technology and wrapping. These are items Tallpack International is going to present at Macropak 2014 exhibition. With a floor space of 130 m2, there is a lot of us you can expect. We show you solutions by demonstrating various machines and packaging materials.

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Trade fair special offer: 10 percent discount on a Tallwrapper 2201


Trade fair offer: 10% discount on the Tallwrapper 2201

A one-off discount of 10% upon purchase and a lasting saving of 40% on film costs.

We were delighted to demonstrate a number of machines and products at Empack Den Bosch. And these demonstrations have been continued at our showroom in Geldermalsen.

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