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Tallpack International develops bagging machine for powders

Bagged goods are familiar terrain for Tallpack International. Long-standing experience with palletising and stabilising bagged goods on pallets has resulted in a sizable customer portfolio for bagged goods. However, this request from the market proved an irresistible challenge for the packaging specialist.

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Tallpack offers Food industry solution for sliding products

Due to ever stricter requirements in the Food industry, Tallpack has developed a new version of its Grip Sheet to deal with specific requirements in this sector.

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Official opening of the "Modular Pallet Wrapping Machine" at distribution center for home lightening on 07th July 2017

The machine has been designed, delivered, assembled and manufactured by Tallpack International. The Pallet Wrapping Machine is supplied by forklift truck and handle a production capacity of 60 pallets per hour.

Once that pallet is positioned on the roller conveyer, it starts the winding process. The length of each pallet is measured automatically, so that each it is fully covered with unique customized top sheet. After that starts the winding process with Tallpack International's robust fully automatic Arm Wrapper. Our fully automatic arm wrapper has cut and seal unit, placed on the floor, and is easily adjustable through a text display.

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Demonstration and knowledge sessions of the latest techniques strapping with robot

DSC 0260

It is with due pride that we would like to invite you to a unique demonstration and knowledge session in the strapping field with the newest state-of-the-art technology working with synthetic or metal straps. We currently have a unique combination of the most innovative strapping machines worldwide, with the robot making its debut in industry 4.0 bundling and strapping.

What can you expect from us:

  • Metal strap bundling machine with servo technology, thus achieving very short cycle times
  • Synthetic strap bundle head with tension force of 8000 N
  • A robot set-up, which works together with the bundling machine as one unit
  • Ink jet printing with a robot
  • Cutting and removing PET strapping with a robot

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