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Ladingzekering / Pallet stabiliteit is geen loze kreet, maar bij Tallpack wetenschappelijk onderbouwd

De Tallpack-Pallet-Stabiliteit-Testmodule is ontwikkeld om inzicht te geven in de werkelijke toegevoegde waarde van stretchfolie onderbouwd met wetenschappelijk onderbouwde meetwaardes. Daarnaast is het een methode om op een betrouwbare manier kostenbesparingen te onderzoeken.

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Tallpack works safer with VCA**

On Friday 8 December 2017 Tallpack International had successfully completed the renewal audit VCA ** (safety, health and environment checklist contractors).

VCA is the standard in Safe, Healthy and Sustainable work.
With this certificate since 1999, we have an important basis to start every day safe and healthy.

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Grip Fix change of packaging unit

We like to inform about a change in our packaging material at the end of the year.
For the supply of GRIP FIX we will replace the 30 kg Canister with our new 20 kg Canister.

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Tallpack International develops perfect packaging solution for very fine, air-entrained powders

Tallpack has worked with a customer to develop effective 10kg to 25kg packaging for very fine, moisture-sensitive and air-entrained powders. The main challenge involved finding a controlled way to allow large amounts of air to escape from “inside” the powder during the filling process. Air escapes from the concerned powders extremely slowly, which can present issues during transport. When such bags are palletised, they present a risk for pallet stability during storage and transport. The intensive development process was started because regular ventilation openings in existing bags were too big for very fine powders and resulted in powder loss.

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