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Tallpack International –packaging solutions along the entire food supply chain

When it comes to transport packaging solutions, maintenance and service along the entire food supply chain, over the past few years, Tallpack Int. has proven itself as one of the top Suppliers.  

Being able to give good advice requires a profound knowledge of the packaging industry and this is what Tallpack does daily.

Each industry has its own specific requirements in terms of transport packing and the food industry makes no exception. Tallpack Int. takes pride in the broad (international) experience which it has.  With no doubt whatsoever Tallpack Int. is the right choice when it comes to packaging solutions on the territory of the Benelux Union.

The Company offers tailored solutions being quite flexible with regard to capacity, food safety, cleaning, integration in the production process, etc.

The great variety in the transport packaging sector and the demand from its branches and chain partners makes Tallpack Int. an independent, flexible and solution-oriented partner.   

Tallpack Int. is able to give neutral advice when it comes to packaging.

The Company is in a position to offer technology solutions for palletizers, stretch film packaging machines, conveyor belt packaging machines, packaging installations and the relevant packaging materials, i.e. packaging barrier film, stretch film, anti-slip sheets, strapping and packaging protection materials.  


To reduce reaction time, at all times we keep in stock standard packaging materials and manual packaging machines.

Tallpack International plays an active role along the entire chain of food manufacturers. Thanks to this, we are well aware of the packaging needs of the next chain partner. Exchange of this information among the chain partners ensures the successful collaboration with regards also to packaging.


Cost of Ownership

For several years, the cost of consumables very often would exceed the initial investment made for purchase of the packaging line. From financial point of view, it is important to apply a proper approach in terms of defining the financial results of this investment and not focus on the initial investment only.   


Invest in a Better Packaging Process by Tallpack-Lease

Instead of paying cash, invest in better packaging solutions benefiting from our low leasing rates  for amounts between 5000 and 1 000 000 EUR



We are implementing a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001, the BRC IoP Standard, the FSC® Guidelines, VCA** Control List. This guarantees that with each passing day we are able to provide better quality service to our clients ensuring also their success on the market.  Our clients’ success is our ultimate goal.

Our 50-person friendly team are ready to assist you every day. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information.