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Endupack builds new factory

Since mid-2018, Endupack, as part of the Tallgroup, has been strengthening, and both parties have further developed the long relationship into a close cooperation. Due to the success of the product in the market and the increasing demand for products for pallet stability, the construction of a new factory in France is necessary.

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All permits have been applied for and the new factory is scheduled to be operational by September 2021. The whole is landscaped on a very spacious plot of 22,611m2. in which the atmosphere of Normandy returns. The building itself covers 6,242m2, in addition, production is expanded with several lines. With this, Endupack doubles its production capacity.

In the new construction plans, the design choices are based on safety, effectiveness and minimal handling during production and storage. The factory will be highly automated, there will be an R&D department and a spacious laboratory.

In view of the continuing increase in the demand for anti-slip sheets in the Benelux as well as other European countries and other continents, it is necessary to have the new building operational within the agreed term.