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Grip Fix® anti-slip product provides optimum pallet stabilization and protects the environment

The solution for maximum pallet stability is the use of Grip Fix® anti-slip agent. Grip Fix® anti-slip agent is a thickened liquid produced on a water basis and free from chemical solvents. The thickened liquid can not only be used on paper bags, polyethylene bags (PE) and polypropylene woven bags (PP), but also on boxes and trays.

BAG FIX ESP combi1






The secret of Grip Fix in relation to, for example, hot & low melt:

  • High shear forces, but only very low tensile forces Pallet load does not shift, but can easily be taken off the pallet
  • Cleaning the applicator with warm water (no solvent required)
  • No residue on the packaging and retention of logo
  • No tearing bags during depalletization
  • Lower energy consumption due to the absence of heating element

If you want to see the application in practice, we can schedule a reference visit.

We also have a demo setup in our showroom in Geldermalsen the Netherlands.

Make an appointment with our sales team via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +31 (0)345 800 800 and ask for Leen, Paul or Donja.

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