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Internal pallet transport for pallets with glass bottles

At a manufacturer of glass bottles, internal transport is literally and figuratively focused. Stacked block pallets with glass bottles with plastic inserts are moved from the stacking position to the shrink-wrap packaging line over a distance of approximately 20 meters.

For this special internal transport, Tallpack International has realized crossovers with pallet transport tracks (such as chain rollers) and a lift. 

Of course, the stability of the stacked pallet, distance to be covered, bends, etc. plays an important role in project design, whereby the speed of pallet movement is of secondary importance.

The pallets have a stack height of 2.40 meters and a weight of> 1,000 kg.

The crossover tracks are protected by means of security cells and a fence. If you want more information about special pallet transport projects, please contact Michiel Brink +31 (0)345-800 800.