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Tallpack nominated for the FD Gazellen Award 2019

FD GAzellen AwardEvery year the "Financieele Dagblad" presents a Gazellen Award to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

This year Tallpack International belongs to this list!

We are extremely proud of this.



The nomination for a Gazellen Award goes together with the growth and financial health of an organization.

Our Industrial Packaging solutions in combination with our 24/7 service ensure a considerable growth of our company here in the Netherlands and abroad.

Meanwhile the counter of our team is over 50 employees and we serve many customers in the Netherlands but, through our foreign branches, also beyond.
The success of Tallpack International is partly due to our customers, partners and our team.

Thanks to input from different angles, we can continue to innovate our products and services and provide our customers with a suitable solution for their packaging issues.


Hubert H. Verheul, General Manager, Tallpack International:
"This is fantastic news for Tallpack International. Twenty years ago we started from a childhood dream and consistently adhere to our quality standard, service performance and customer satisfaction. On the basis of these core values and our transparent working method, we have been able to build up many good references in order to continue to bind existing and new relationships to us."