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Tallpack introduces Cut’n Grip | Automatic Sheet dispenser

Sheet dispenser

The Cut’n Grip is a sheet dispenser and cutting machine in one and is suitable for automatically cutting large volumes of Grip Sheets/paper/cardboard/PE/PET from a roll. Adding a Cut’n Grip Sheet dispenser is the next logical step in packaging processes where top sheets are placed on stacked products. Production flexibility can also be increased by incorporating the Cut’n Grip into the packaging process. The Cut’n Grip is extremely easy to operate and can be integrated into the controls of new or existing robot palletizers or sliding-plate palletizers with a top sheet manipulator.

Tallpack is meeting the needs of the market by, for example, making it possible to cut Grip Sheets, as well as PE, PET and cardboard, with a thickness of up to 250 gr/m2 and place them on top of pallets or products both manually and automatically.

Effective palletization makes it possible to transport your valuable pallet-based loads or products in a safe and stable manner. Pallet stability, or Load Securing, is an important issue, hence the ever increasing demand for Grip Sheets. Naturally, the logical next step is automatic cutting and placement of sheets from a roll. As a specialist in Load Securing, we will offer you the best advice and use our testing equipment to give you an insight into exactly how tertiary packaging improves the stability of your pallets.

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