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Official opening of the "Modular Pallet Wrapping Machine" at distribution center for home lightening on 07th July 2017

The machine has been designed, delivered, assembled and manufactured by Tallpack International. The Pallet Wrapping Machine is supplied by forklift truck and handle a production capacity of 60 pallets per hour.

Once that pallet is positioned on the roller conveyer, it starts the winding process. The length of each pallet is measured automatically, so that each it is fully covered with unique customized top sheet. After that starts the winding process with Tallpack International's robust fully automatic Arm Wrapper. Our fully automatic arm wrapper has cut and seal unit, placed on the floor, and is easily adjustable through a text display.

During the design phase we have carefully considered the optimization of this Pallet wrapping machine, mainly in terms of capacity performance and stretch windings. Tallwrapper 2201 AE is equipped with a POWER pre-stretch unit developed by Tallpack International. Due to the renewed 'Foliewagen' it is possible to stretch the film up to 300% (1 meter becomes 4 meters) in combination with a pallet weight of 5 kg.

This Pallet Wrapping Machine is presented by Tallpack International  with all the corresponding alternatives of appropriate consumables. Customer’s order for stretch film or top sheet is collected by our Back Office Packaging and delivered in accordance with specifications. Tallpack International hold on stock and can deliver the same day from the centrally located warehouse in Geldermalsen.

Tallpack service engineers are available all-round and include this line in the operational and maintenance schedule to ensure maximum uptime.

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