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Tallpack at new knowledge-sharing event

New: the Foodpacking Event

Tallpack International pioneer at new knowledge-sharing event
Safe transport with an eye for food safety and cost-efficiency.
There is increasing demand in (the food) industry for a total supplier capable of offering convenience and service, while complying with all safety-related norms. And Tallpack International is the first point of contact on this front. We develop, install and supply equipment. In addition, our engineers are available 24/7.

At the Foodpacking Event, Tallpack International will primarily focus on safety during transport, in combination with food safety.

Seminar featuring new developments during the Foodpacking Event
During the ‘Innovative solutions for safe transport’ seminar, Mr Holt from Tallpak International, will highlight how laws and regulations in the transport sector can work in your favour if you select suitable packaging materials.

New: polyester Grip sheet
The new polyester Grip sheet is one of Tallpack International's innovative solutions. This PET Grip sheet is water and air tight, tear-proof, transparent, washable and much lighter compared to the photo paper version.

New: Open wrapping
In the food sector, products should preferably cool off, dry and degas while on the pallet. And perforated film has served this purpose for quite some time. But Tallpack International has now developed a module for turntable wrapping machines where film is actually cut on the film carriage. This helps to achieve the same results while cutting back on costs.

banner FoodpackingEvent hoog

Foodpacking Event
Expert knowledge, innovations and the latest trends. This is a brief summary of the packaging range in the food industry, which can be found at the Foodpacking Event. This event is a must for packaging specialists, upper management and directors in the food sector!

The niche market for packaging has never been given this much attention by the Food sector. This 2-day event is the only place where you will find so much expert knowledge and so many innovations concerning packaging in the foodstuffs industry; and all provided by objective experts and specialised suppliers. Everything takes place via short, concise sessions by exhibitors at the trade fair, but also during a professional conference.

High quality knowledge-sharing event
Knowledge transfer is the main aim of the Foodpacking Event. The conference programme features key stakeholders in the foodstuffs industry, like marketing boards, sector associations and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. And everyone will focus on their specific area of expertise. Marketing boards and the Ministry of Economic Affairs will be able to assist you in terms of (future) policy, laws & regulations and chain developments, while sector organisations (like the NVC) will give you an insight into how existing innovations can be exploited within the current framework.